Soothe&care got the award of “MEIYI” at CBE and becoming leader of the oral care industry!  


    The 23rd CBE (China Beauty Expo Shanghai) ended on 24th May 2018 that is the biggest and most influenced expo in Asia. There are 3500 companies who came from 40 countries and areas, which participated in this huge expo, and make a new tendency in the world.   


    Domy Chemical Co., Ltd led his oral care brand—Soothe care, to join in this grand meeting, to show our new series of oral care products.  We showed 5 adult series: Pro-healthy, Anti-cavity, Shining, Charcoal, Freshness. One children series: Funny kids. During the expo, our dentist gave passengers some professional suggests to protect the tooth.      

    An encouraging thing happened, Soothe care Pro- healthy toothpaste has been gotten another award to Domy in 2018, named “ Meiyi” which is the most important award of CBE. This award is a commitment to Domy’s value and our products. We have proved our value: being the most professional manufacturer in the oral care industry.  


    During the expo, our staff showed perfectly our spirit of Domy:  professional, concentration and positive. Yet cooperators admitted our spirit and more and more new customers cooperate with us. 

Updated date: 2019-10-08

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